The Promising Career And Work Opportunity in Aged Care Center

aged care vacancies

Do you know that community service is now Australia’s largest employer? Recent research shows that “health and social assistance” is now Australia’s largest employment industry. In a study conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the department currently has a population of 1.2 million and has replaced the retail industry as the country’s largest employer. This is the only reason behind aged care vacancies are considered as country’s largest employment opportunity.

More importantly, it is estimated that the number of people over the age of 85 will quadruple over the next 40 years. This means that more people need organized care and create a lot of employment prospects. Enjoy the safety of working in a fast-growing and promising industry.

To learn, you can start your career as a nursing assistant; caregivers; disability support officers; community service workers; youth workers; welfare workers; and then upgrade to a supervisor/manager level with higher qualifications.

In fact, in a recent study conducted by DEEWR (Ministry of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations), half of the list of “promising careers” was the work of community services. This means that many of the job roles in the industry are at the professional level and can provide career paths for professional roles.

Develop the skills you will use throughout your life. Much of the work in this industry is about people; the social, moral and personal issues they face in meeting life challenges. You will be the first testimony to the most extraordinary stories in your life, and through your experience with these stories, you will gain lifelong skills and knowledge to enrich your personal and your relationship with the people around you. As the population ages, we say that elderly care is a great place! A considerable number of people are facing retirement, and as these people leave the workforce, it will create more job aged care vacancies Toowoomba for young people.

Enjoy a highly skilled workforce of over 75% of school-qualified personnel. The industry average is only around 42%. It is very flexible. You will get the “portable” skills that are in high demand in Australia and the rest of the world. So if you travel, you can live with you and enjoy interstate or overseas life while continuing to work in the industry you are most familiar with. You will change people’s lives. Enjoy personal gain by changing someone’s day, or by teaching them, or by sharing experiences… enjoying meaningful work because you make sense to others.