Services provided at-home care for the elderly

Our home care for elderly people incorporates help with everyday self-care services including, washing, showering, toileting and dressing up. We have our expert staff who have experience in these sorts of things. These people take great care of all the clients with open hearts and smiling faces. 

Some of our older clients are sick. So in our care home, these people are provided regular checkups, and given all the prescribed medications on time. There is nursing staff who are mainly assigned to look after our sick clients as they need more attention than the normal ones. 

Activities to keep our clients busy:

The focal point of home care northern rivers is that it helps in maintaining a busy and productive environment for all individuals. Our old clients don’t have much to do with their lives. And if they are allowed to sit idle, they start overthinking which is not good for their help. That is the reason we have devised a set of activities for all the people which will help them in staying not only busy but they will spend their time in the most productive way possible. 

All the elderly people who are in perfect shape and can help out a little are given random small tasks such as fixing the organizer modification, managing lights, changing batteries in smoke/security system. Cleaning of drains, inside and outside windows cleaning, roof and fumes fans maintenance, cooling and split-framework units at regular intervals. These are the tasks that are easy yet need great attention and assigning them to the elder people gives them a sense of responsibility. So at our services, they don’t sit idle instead they perform these basic duties and fulfill their role in a positive way. 

Other activities at our care homes:

Some of the other main activities at our home care for elderly people include grass cutting and pruning. Planting and gardening are some of the activities which are lord greatly for all of our clients. We have introduced this service because being with plants plays a very positive impact on the health of our elderly people. They feel happy in laying down the seeds and watering it regularly. When a plant sprouts from its seed, it gives them a feeling of satisfaction. This is the reason this activity is such a huge success at our care home. So don’t think twice before bringing your elder guardian to our center because our staff will definitely take care of them in the best way possible.