Duties Of Physio Assistant In Massey

Just like other types of medical workers, physiotherapists are also well-respected doctors. They cannot handle the number of patients they get especially at a busy hospital so they hire an assistant known as a physical therapy assistant or Massey physio assistant. They work under the surveillance of physiotherapists and help in carrying out the orders of them on the patients. They are available at hospitals, private clinics, fitness clubs, workplaces and schools. To be a successful assistant in this field, it is important to be well educated and be able to switch between different activities.

The most basic task, where their work mostly starts is as a helper. A physiotherapy assistant helps the physiotherapist in examining and performing the treatment. Of course, one doctor cannot examine all the patients present so here is when the assistant helps. They may not completely know what to do but they can help them in usual tasks like taking off braces, helping to move, shift the patient and apply treatments like massage, sound and light therapies etc. Assistants often work as trainers to patients. They teach and train them about different practices and tips they need to follow according to their treatment prescribed by a physiotherapist. They train them about how to use certain devices and what to do when a certain problem occurs. For some special cases, the trainers advise and teach the family of the patient about the practices which may heal them faster. A Massey physio trainer also helps design the whole patient’s customized plan as they keep a constant eye on the progress. Sometimes the assistants become so expert in training that they take hold of the whole exercise room work and treat the patients themselves.

Other than being a trainer, they also fit into the role of motivator. Motivation helps a person get up far better than any medicine so while patients are working and trying to accomplish their tasks, the assistants motivate them. They tell them the progress they’ve made and how near they are to be completely healthy. They continue to express motivation by showing it here and there with their enthusiasm.

Along with this, they also take care of minor jobs, like record-keeping and attending patients. They inform the main physio Albany doctor if the patient is showing progress or declining. This helps them keep a keen eye on what practice is working for which patient. This shows being an assistant is not at all easy and needs practice nearly as much as the doctor you are working under.