Different Types of Dentist In New Castle

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Different types of dentist in New Castle are available now, but your need will determine the one to go for. So whenever in future you will have any challenge regarding your dental health, you should have enough knowledge of deciding for the right dentist. Following are some different types of dentists and the services they provide.

Types of Dentists:

1.      General Dentist:

These are also well-known by the name of family dentists. They are the dentists who take care of your oral health on a regular basis. This type of dental surgeon encompasses the basics of dental procedures.

The general dentistry includes:

  • ·         Root canals
  • ·         Fillings
  • ·         Drilling
  • ·         Bridges
  • ·         Gum health
  • ·         Dental cleaning 


Pedodontists are specialized in dental care treatments for children and youth. They mainly treat children. These are also known as pediatric dentists. They are highly skilled in providing emotional assurance to children who are afraid of visiting a teeth clinic as well as they also have skilled in general dentistry. 


These dental surgeons are specialized in teeth and jaw alignment. They make use of braces, wires, retainers, and other devices to straighten their teeth. The main focus of the orthodontists is to better the structure of the teeth. 


It is a specialist in periodontics whose primary focus is to treat and repair the diseases and problems of the gums. Any kind of problem with the gums, bone, and tissues surrounding the teeth, the periodontists will diagnose it, treat it, and also prevent gum disease.


This specialist deal with the issues troubling the nerve of a tooth. Endodontic care specializes on the inside of the tooth. They perform root canal treatment as necessary. So they are also known as the root canal specialist. They treat the sick, dead, inflamed, or sicked nerve of a tooth. 

Oral Pathologists:

Oral pathologists are also known by the name of oral surgeons. They treat the oral diseases of the teeth and jaw. They are also trained to perform surgeries. They may work closely with the ears, nose, and throat specialists. 


They are specialized in repairing the teeth and jaw bones. Prosthodontists have the skill to replace the missing tooth by using the implants, dentures, bridges, or crowns. They provide cosmetic dentistry and the treatments to better the appearance of teeth. 

So in order to get the best service and right treatment, it is very important to choose the right dentist in New Castle by understanding the types and the services they are providing. Choosing the right dentist will offer you many benefits and results in healthy teeth.